After selling the home, can a customer still stay there?

No, because the option of Sale and Rent back service isn’t available any more as per the new rules issued by Financial Services Authority (FSA). At the same time, there are some FSA companies that can help an individual in such a scenario.

What about the charges?

Our Services are completely FREE!

In addition to this we will pay your legal fee's therefore you will not have to spend a single penny to sell your house.

When will the payment be made?

It takes around 28 days to complete the process, including payment.

How much do we offer for a property?

It depends on the state of the property and the type of situation in which our customer is. We can offer the best possible deal on any type of property keeping the situation at hand in consideration.

Is there any hidden clause or a catch?

Absolutely not, there isn’t any catch or hidden fee, our dealings are completely transparent.

Why should anyone go for us?

We offer the best possible rate for any type of property. We don’t charge even a penny and there no hidden fees. Our experts will take care of every aspect of a deal.

Is there anything that our customers have to do?

No, Just sit back at home and wait for us. Apart from that, there is nothing that our customers need to do, not even re-decoration.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

No, there are no charges involved; we take care of all aspects of the deals.

When or how can we prevent repossession?

We can prevent homes of our customers from repossession immediately. We can even prevent a repossession scheduled for next day!

Will anyone come to know about a deal?

No one will come to know about it. We are committed for maintaining privacy of our customers.

How is the rate of property determined?

The rate of a property is determined by keeping the current trends along with history of sales in perspective. An independent RICS surveyor will make an assessment which will be considered before finalizing on a deal.

Can the property be bought back by the customer?

This depends on the investor, who has the final word on this. This matter can be discussed in our initial meetings as well.

Will a property fetch anything if it is in poor state?

Yes, we will pay for a property regardless of the condition in which it is in.

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